Technology-enabled LMS for PAN India Dealership Network 

Boosting Performance through Efficient Training 


  • A large four-wheeler automobile customer wanted to develop an LMS system for their PAN India Dealership network users which includes sales, service, and corporate.
  • Tracking the performance of employees against their training was difficult without integration with dealership management systems.


  • Conducting training manually at each dealership resulted in decentralized data management, making it challenging to track training progress and outcomes.
  • Lack of a centralized platform made it difficult to maintain accurate records of employee training and certifications across its dealership network.
  • There was no structured training platform so the client was struggling with providing consistent and standardized training programs. 
  • There was no automated assessment system to identify training needs and evaluate employees’ skill gaps. 

Our Solution

  • We designed the LMS system covering two sub-systems for Sales and Service departments.
  • The Skill Management feature was completely automated and integrated with dealership management systems to track performance.
  • Proctored and Progressive assessments were introduced to ensure progress in training.
  • Dedicated helpdesk and reporting systems were established.
  • Manpower reports across all dealerships and shortlisting of candidates for training were implemented.
  • User hierarchy mapping was established for Area Manager, Regional Manager, and HO Admin.


  • Streamlined performance tracking led to a significant 45% improvement in accuracy.
  • Proctored and progressive assessments helped in improving the quality of training by 55%. 
  • Manpower reports were generated 30% faster and the candidate shortlisting accuracy also increased by 72%.