Best Learning Management Systems for Training

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A learning management system (LMS) is the central piece of Learning and Development Activity in any organization.
It helps in Visualising, Tracking, Managing, Improving and Delivering the learning activity for any corporate organisation or educational institution.
ATUM LMS is a leader in L&D automation for large corporates and educational institutions.

For corporates the ATUM LMS provides following key benefits:

  • Flexible Course management for Trainers
  • Online assessment and certification for the training team
  • Content Creation and Publishing for online e-learning, mobile learning
  • Multilanguage support (English, Asian Languages, European Languages etc.) for trainees
  • Collaboration tools for Subject Matter Experts
  • Decision Support and Advanced Reporting for Tactical and Strategic Management
  • Full SCORM support, advanced reporting and tracking.
  • Easy Scaling of User Base on Cloud or Behind the firewall of an organization
  • Systematic Management of Blended Learning for Classroom / Instructor Lead Training
  • Social Learning Integration
  • Virtual Learning Integration
  • The ATUM LMS is built on LAMP STACK and provides utmost flexibility in integration with other enterprise applications.

Already used by more than 1 MILLION users ...

The Atum-LMS is a robust system which has supported more than 1 Million users simultaneously worldwide.

We offer a portable version of the LMS which runs on mobile devices such as tablets PCs, you can even use it in locations where there is little or no internet connectivity.

Portable LMS Details

{A.W.C.F} - Advanced Workflow Configuration Framework

Atum-KFP uses proprietary Advanced Work-flow Configuration Framework {A.W.C.F}. {A.W.C.F} facilitates extremely fast configuration of LMS as per clients organization structure. It also allows us to substantially customize reporting dashboard for feeding MIS needs of the higher management. Due to inbuilt flexibility, customizations are possible in shortest possible time without incurring extra cost for our customers.

Business Advantages

  1. Content development teams
    • Can rapidly create, deliver, assess and process training content
  2. Learning and Development team
    • Increased accountability and effectiveness of Learning and Development functions
    • Quickly automate content delivery and tracking
    • Easily identify best performers in the organization
    • Copy best performer's performance at many places
  3. Administrator
    • Flexibility for designing training plan and creating assessments
    • Easy uploading of a variety of user content

Test Management Features

  1. Supports variety of question types including Audio visuals questions
  2. Generates random questions with randomization of options
  3. Creates questions in 5 difficulty levels and allows moderator to create tests of different difficulty levels
  4. Allows bulk uploading of questions and IDs
  5. Automated scheduling of Training Programs
  6. Approval of requests by Reporting Managers
  7. Uploading of training data
  8. Various formats of reports
  9. Atum Lms is a good learning management system.

Technical Features

  1. Optimized for superior performance at heavy loads
  2. Fully SCORM Compliant
  3. Integrates with Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Epiplex and many other market leading content development technologies
  4. Built in Audit mechanism
  5. Secure access
  6. Multiple redundancy supported
  7. Data Security using limited access of information
  8. Mobile Handset support (beta) – all operating systems including simple basic models
  9. IVR support
  10. Indic language support including Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi etc.
  11. Motivational trainer and keynote speaker a respected client

Learning Management Features

  1. Online Role based access
  2. Flow of data between different organizational units (such branches and HO, plant etc)
  3. Mapping of business units for reporting hierarchy
  4. Hosts advanced audio visual content or legacy content (power points, pdfs, flash videos)
  5. Allows creation of integrated courses
  6. Allows certification of users
  7. User groups can be created by L&D teams to support highly granular course administration and tracking
  8. Automated Alerts (on email and SMS)

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