Stratbeans Garners Recognition at the 12th Edition Shared Services Summit & Awards 2023

Gurugram, 29th November 2023: India’s most prominent summit, Shared Services Event 2023, was held in Bengaluru on 23rd November 2023. The event convened industry innovators, top leaders, and solution providers across various industries on a unified platform. This year, Prasoon Nigam, CTO at Stratbeans, addressed the theme, “Knowledge Transfer in 2023: Process Capture, Automation, and Generative AI“, to unleash the potential of steering change management strategies to transform business and drive exponential growth.

This year, our focus centered on the growing need for knowledge transformation to encourage employee upskilling, utilizing knowledge management platforms, generating intelligent FAQs using Generative AI, automation of business processes to fuel efficiency, applying process capturing methods to smoothen operational workflows, incorporating gamification in eLearning to control attrition rate, and more.

Prasoon highlighted the growing significance of Articulate 360 KT/KM suite, which centers around automation and process capture to expedite SOP generation, reduce transition costs, and provide efficient performance support.

In addition to the Articulate 360 KT/KM pack, our comprehensive product suite comprises Gamified Knowledge Wrapper, Gen AI-driven FAQ creation, Role Play Simulator, and Firewall Secure Knowledge Management System (KMS). We also offer a wide range of professional services for process capture, desktop procedures (DTP) creation, quick language translation, and more.

The CTO at Stratbeans, Prasoon Nigam, says, “It was an amazing experience being a part of Shared Services Summit 2023. We had the opportunity to engage with the top industry leaders and solution experts to exchange ideas on applying change management models to accelerate business growth and improve workforce retention while mitigating transition costs and driving efficiency. The summit underscored the significance of the latest innovations in the shared services space that can drive transformative change. It has been a testament to innovation and collaborative growth, which organizations can achieve through Generative AI-powered LXPs, Automation tools, and process capture methods.”

About Us

Stratbeans is a boutique online learning solution company providing creative and interactive eLearning content through AI. Stratbeans’ eLearning services, learning management, and performance enablement apps help in digital transformation combined with an ROI-based approach for its customers. More than 250 corporations and educational institutions proactively use products and services by our organization. Stratbeans eLearning services incorporate the following features:

  • Creative Design Principles
  • Machine Learning Technology
  • Mobile-first Approach
  • Collaboration Mechanisms and Social Capability to Keep up with Modern Times
  • Competency and Role Flexibility Framework (CRFF)

We simplify processes by implementing automated digital learning to demonstrate the advantages of upskilling and reskilling new and existing employees in today’s digital age, ultimately benefiting our customers.

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