Blended learning adoption in a cost-effective way

Blended learning also referred to as “Mixed Mode instruction” is an integration of purely face to face and online learning. It is more effective than adopting either of them individually. This is a prominent trend in corporate training that has implications for distributed learning across a range of venues and constituents. It allows for effective guidance from the teachers along with the individualized attention for all the learners. This does not seem to be possible in only classroom learning.

Some organizations define Blended learning where 30-70 % of the instruction is delivered online. Blended learning programs have sparked a nationwide revolution. Here entire classrooms and schools will now deliver world class education online. Especially, to the trainees from all backgrounds and communities.

The problem

Yet, despite this revolution brought about by Digital learning, citizens mostly are not able to access these resources. This is because of the limitation in their choices. About 60% of the urban people in India are not aware that there exists any new revolution in the field of learning or training. So, this clearly means that range of Blended learning has not included most of the regions or communities. Thus, the question clearly comes as to how could we make this mode of learning more accessible to all the citizens. This is made to assure that its deliverables doesn’t remain confined to limited no of organizations. Other than that, many fail to choose a right mix. It’s because they get confused by the so many possibilities afforded by blended learning.

The solution
Data prepared in 2015 through surveys
Data prepared in 2015 through surveys

In order to find solutions to these problems, Stratbeans Consulting comes up with frequent online marketing campaigns and articles in print and digital media to aware the trainees as well as trainers about the strategies to :

  • Ensure Right mix for blended learning
  • Seek advantage of the available resources which provide the same

Also, company comes up with its tools for LMS (Learning Management System) which integrates classroom training with web and app based learning, thus providing trainees the access to their resources and assessments in online, offline and classroom environment. Now let us see what benefits our tools provide to the organizations which are willing to adopt blended learning.

  • Ultimate flexibility in presenting the training content
  • Extending the reach of effective trainers, by reducing their load with the other tasks that they had to carry while using classroom learning model.
  • Greatly expands the domain of e-learning and covers all the styles in a cost –effective way.

At Stratbeans, we support our clients and customers to expand their training and learning domain. Our products get them familiar with the most innovative and effective mode of training. It simultaneously reduces their financial and work loads. Training is provided in a lively way to the learners. They also get updated with the newest resources through our platform.

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