Articulate Storyline Studio For Designers

Articulate Storyline Studio came as a boon to graphic designers and artists. In any creative field, most of the effort and time goes in brainstorming or collecting creative thoughts. And a larger part is the cost that goes in bringing out those thoughts to life. Be it a movie, a short video or to be more precise, in eLearning or mLearning, all are same. Articulate Storyline offers illustrated and photographic characters. That’s not all designers now need not worry about expressions and poses. These characters can be easily customized right from their expressions to poses.

Is that not great news?

Articulate 360 is a local drive installation-based application. This means that you need to just install the application like any other software and you are fit to go. The files you create gets saved on your local hard drive. It is not visible to anyone over the internet if you decide not to share it.

However, if you do decide to share, we have our own cloud-based platform to do that. And we are determined to keep your data safe from any attack from “unwanted visitors”.

An application that is viewable from computers to android devices, with intuitive user interface is just the thing any one is looking for while starting their journey, especially in the IT industry.

And how would you share your content? Just create a link of your content/quiz or an interactive button to get them started. As simple as this…!!

How to achieve this?

All you need to know is how to jazz up your training content/eLearning/mLearning with these ready-made offerings from Articulate Storyline like characters, triggers, inter-activities and intuitive user interface. Articulate Storyline Studio is almost like a plate full of hot servings. Probably that is the only reason, today even designers and artist have look up to Articulate Storyline. If you have a story right in front of you, bringing it to life is not a tough job any more.

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