Get hold of Storyline 360 for effortless E-learning authoring!

Storyline 360 is created for effortless authoring. It is a tool with which you can create interactive courses for any device. All the other tools within Articulate 360 work on par with Storyline 360 to make interactive courses. The courses run on every mobile, tablet device and the responsive player ensures it runs with ease on any screen and orientation.

Imagine how awesome it would be to create a course which looks really amazing and super cool. You will be able to do that with Storyline 360 without much hands-on experience. Storyline 360 helps even beginners to create pro-looking courses. The Content library plays a major role in providing all the beautiful templates and contextual characters within Articulate 360.

If you can imagine limitlessly then Storyline 360 helps you convert your imaginations into user-friendly interactive courses. Add drop buttons, dials, sliders, markers, hotspots on your slide to add interactivity in seconds within just a few clicks.

Finger interacting with screen

You can show your creativity by adding videos, making simulations. As a part of videos, you can add screen recordings, add voice-overs to explain the on-screen activity.


If you are considering Storyline 360 as an effortless authoring tool only for creating engaging learning content, you must be wrong. Along with training the learners or cheap ugg Classic boots employees in organizations, assessments are a big deal which helps the managers determine how engaging is the learning content as well as the performers within different teams. Moreover, Storyline 360 helps you add contextual quizzes with 25 different question formats. You can always import existing questions and randomize them, categorize them. Combine results of multiple quizzes from different lessons to get an overall score.

Once the course is created on Storyline 360, get quick and valuable feedbacks from the stakeholders and collaborators by uploading into the Articulate 360. Now Articulate Review can provide you with access to all the works created add comments and thoughts.

Hence, Storyline 360 can be called an intra-platform in Articulate 360 where courses can be authored by assembling all the content bits made with the help of other tools.

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