How to Work Different Questions in Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline provides around 20 types of  form-based graded and survey questions. Naturally, the fact that they are form-based, it is easy for the users to quickly assemble them with ease.

Here is an example of a basic True or False question being created in Articulate Storyline.

Free Form-based Questions

Even though form-based questions are an easy way to quickly create assessments, Articulate Storyline’s free-form questions are also fun to play with and completely flexible! Additionally, with free-form tools, normal slide objects can be converted into engaging interactions; such as:

  1. Photographic characters to drag-and-drop scenarios.
  2. Static pictures to multiple choice question.

Have a look at how you can create a free-form question with a non question slide:

In this video you will learn the following:

  1. Hot to pick-one questions
  2. How to switch between form and slide view.

Have a look at Storyline’s free-form question types:

Drag-and-Drop Questions

You can create drag-and-drop question’s in two ways. In particular, first way is by converting objects on existing slide,to free-form questions. Second way is by scratch, have a look at the video to understand how it works:

The video teaches you:

  1. Identify drag items and drop targets.
  2. Select drag-and-drop options.
  3. Customize question properties.

In case you are wondering, you can easily convert a non-question slide into free-form question.

Hotspots Questions

With Articulate Storyline’s free-form hotspot question you can create interactive assessment that can be graded or ungraded.

The following video will teach you; the following:

  1. Insert a free-form hotspot question.
  2. Add an image.
  3. Define your Hotspots.
  4. Choose the submission method.
  5. Customize the question properties.

Text-Entry Questions

You can use Storyline’s free-form text-entry question to make fill-in-the-blank assessments.

Here you will learn the following:

  1. Insert a text-entry.
  2. Define acceptable answers.
  3. Specify the question that is to be submitted.
  4. Customize question properties.

Hope these videos helped you in understanding how to create a variety of questions in Articulate Storyline!

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