Learning anywhere, anytime using mobius app.

Internet connectivity has become an integral part of our life these days. I happened to be with a group of college pass outs, when i got in conversation regarding this topic. This was when I got to realize that they were very much dependent on internet connection. They are using internet for taking courses and training . To make their life difficult, the  low network coverage areas like subways and some other dead zones hinder their learning process. Naturally, this causes them great frustation. Evidently, this is where mobius comes handly.

Current Trends

A study was conducted between September 2014 and January 2015 covering 15,000 urban households and people aged between 15 to 75 years. This sample is estimated to represent 127 million smartphone users in urban India. Following has been reported by this study :

60 % Mobile users in india face network problems
63% People face quality and reliability issues inside their house
68% Consumers face mobile application related issues
62% Face issues of inconsistent speed and app usage while outdoors

70 per cent people use mobile broadband to access video and 27 per cent more are willing to start accessing it but not doing at present due to barriers cost and network barrier identified in the survey. Thus, many students are not provided with the high bandwidth or the strong internet connection that online courses require, and thus fail to catch up with their virtual classmates.

So how is Offline learning a solution to this ?

Here is a perspective of how offline learning solution can complement shortfalls of online learning. Imagine if students can have all their textbooks / course materials on their laptop/tablet/mobile devices. Then they can study anywhere even without internet connection. Highly engaging course materials in the form of video lessons, Presentations, PDFs and test questions with answers can greatly benefit students in understanding the course concepts. Making these course content accessible without internet on laptop/mobile/tablet devices will provide more flexibility and independence to students.

Here, Stratbeans  Consulting comes with an app called “ Mobius” which provides a platform for learning offline and thus is a solution to the ever emerging problem of barrier in learning due to poor broadband network. So let’s have a look at how does it work ?

  • Syncing the data

    Mobius provides the option of syncing our content with the device we are using. Content includes Assessment tests, learning materials, etc.

  • Syncing back the data

    After having completed a course and its’ assessment , the user can sync the content back from his/her device. This allows the managers or the instructors to view his/performance and track the progress.

  • Apart from these, this app also has some additional features which includes timely reminders, calendar system which keeps the users updated and informed

Thus, we can see that Mobius is dual sided. Now, let us check that how does it facilitate the users :

  • Effective Nugget Learning : Now, the eleventh hour revision or learning can be made much effective using this app since, the user can access the content any time and at any place.
  • Convenience : This platform provides much more convenience to the users than any other which is clearly reflected from it’s applications.
  • Effective Learning : A user can learn at his own pace at his own convenience without any external barrier. So this kind of continuous learning is much more effective.
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So now, people don’t need to pay more in the range of Rs 100 to Rs 250 for better broadband speed to ensure better learning. Consequently, to help you achieve the goal of engaging your learners and imparting the knowledge meaningfully, I would recommend you to try out this platform and experience its benefits hands-on.

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