Learning Management System: ATUM’s Impact on Automobile Industry

Stratbeans customised learning modules delivered via its state-of-the-art ATUM Learning Management System (LMS) to assist the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in improving employee efficiency while reducing the overall cost to meet business objectives.

ATUM: LMS which gives results

The sales performance of the company climbed up by 7% in the first year and by 12 to 18% per year on a year-over-year basis, while customer satisfaction increased by 37% in just a few years.

COVID-19 has expedited and intensified these tendencies, compelling businesses to find flexible, innovative, and cost-effective methods to adapt to the “new normal” while future-proofing their workforce.
With ATUM, the automaker could solve the skill gap problem while simultaneously training over 50,000 employees and dealers.

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ATUM Learning Management System: How can ATUM help you and your company

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