4-in-1 Tool for creating presentation based e-learning

Articulate Studio, the rapid authoring tool from Articulate, is based on PowerPoint presentation. They are like the opposite sides of a coin. A tool that comes in 4 packages:

    • Presenter from Articulate
    • Articulate Engage
    • Articulate Quiz-maker 
  • Replay from Articulate

With all these packages, you can create a faster and easier presentation based eLearning and mLearnings.

Articulate Presenter is helpful to the trainers. Learners today need flexible time in taking training courses, they look for feasibility. With Articulate Presenter, you can publish your presentation to outputs like HTML5, Flash based.

The most important thing is that the Articulate Mobile Player customizes itself when a course is played on an iPad.

Articulate Engage has recently been renovated with 10 new interactions that help your eLearning and mLearning training management to be more interactive to the learners. Some of these new interactions are Accordion, Bulletin Board, Checklist, Conversation, Folders, etc.

Articulate quiz-maker provides streamline user interface, unified player and it gives multiple outputs like HTML5 and Flash which can be easily played on the iPad, Laptops, etc. It also has a unique Articulate Mobile Player just like as Articulate Presenter.The most interesting quiz type is the free form question type. All you need is to add objects to a slide in slide view, then use form view to quickly convert them into a pick-one or pick-many interaction. Articulate authoring can help you proceed faster with its in-built features.

The newest of all is the Articulate Replay. Many times, it is the connection between a trainer and learner that is more influential and at the same time beneficial. So how about a trainer instructing a learner personally through E-learning courses. With Articulate Replay you can create your own screencast with a webcam. This ideally jazzes up the E-learnings by making it more interactive to the learners. Altogether you can save your training cost.

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