All you need to know about ‘Preso’ – Articulate 360

Do you want to create meaningful and also real quick learnings which are worth embracing? You must be lucky because you have Preso-Articulate 360. With Preso you can do multi-device responsive authoring which is trending nowadays. For instance, you can Jazz up your content by talking to your learners about a new course by fabricating a course promo.

A dynamic instance of the informal training course on iPad with the help of Preso - Articulate 360

Get used to making quick informal videos which can help your learners to grasp the learning content with ease.

If you have some ideas running in your mind preso can be used right away to create an interactive training instead of jotting it down as a list. Doing that can be helpful to teach the required material as a course which has roughly originated from your ideas on the move.

Create in-time e-learning content on your iPad by the using PDF, Audio, Text. Start away with an image and author the simplest message you want to convey to your learners. You can get the Preso app either directly from AppStore or can download it from the desktop app Articulate 360. At the technical front, one can upload images, files to put into the project from google drive as well as dropbox.

To watch your project upload it to Articulate 360 and there you have the collective review feature which helps you decide to improve the course created with the feedback from your team. Now the last step would be to download it from articulate review and upload the MP4 file to engage your learners by uploading it to your learning.

Get your free trial on your iPads right away!
You can also register for a free demo of Articulate 360 to know more about the entire content authoring suite.

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