Top 5 Learning Management Systems in 2022

Ever since the world has been hit by the pandemic predicament, companies across all borders have witnessed a swift transition to the online world and constant work-from-home scenarios. However, amidst the online era, promoting employee training has become extremely difficult.

This is exactly where Learning Management Systems came to the rescue & became a lifesaver for companies willing to improve learning & development standards for their employees.

Comparing Top 5 Best Learning Management Systems


An easy to launch enterprise Learning Management System many organisations use it for complex, judgment based processes. Smart LMS platforms which uses simulation, targeted content recommendation and behavioural training using latest techniques of machine learning.

Assign courses and learning paths to your learners, and LMS will recommend courses to each learner as per their job requirements, or for imparting a particular skill.

LMS reports the progress of digital learning and certifies learners on the basis of assessments, done through quizzes and test papers.Simplicity is essential not only in the learner interface but also in the administrative interface for managers.

ATUM provides an opportunity to create a corporate learning culture and is a useful tool for the L&D function. ATUM-LMS, also has training management system, which allows role play and coaching to give sales teams that extra edge which allows them to introduce the product features and which takes the sales conversations to sales closures.

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This cloud-based LMS platform leverages AI to engage learners anytime and anywhere. Like other best LMS platforms, UpsideLMS supports mobile learning, social learning, self-paced learning, and instructor-led training, gamification, and offline mobile learning.

It further boosts learner engagement by recommending relevant content to every learner using AI algorithms. The users can create a variety of educational content using the content authoring tools provided by UpsideLMS.

At the same time, they can eliminate the need to create content availing of a wide range of ready-to-use content. You can integrate UpsideLMS seamlessly with various eLearning and enterprise solutions through APIs.


This Learning Management System has features to facilitate both online education and corporate training. The educational institutions can use WizIQ to deliver online learning and continue virtual classes, while enterprises can use the LMS to train employees, customers, and channel partners.

In addition to helping users to build online learning portals, WizIQ comes with built-in tools to simplify online course creation. It further makes it easier for educational institutions to generate revenue by selling courses by facilitating LMS eCommerce.

This LMS makes it easier for managers to monitor and measure learner progress by featuring elearning analytics.

Wizdom LMSLive

The web-based LMS platform is a simple and cost-efficient eLearning solution. In addition to being easy to install and use, Wizdom LMSLive comes with native features to meet users’ current and future elearning needs.

The learners can acquire and update knowledge by accessing the modern LMS software on web browsers. At the same time, learning managers and administrators can manage elearning efficiently by availing of useful features like register students, assign students to courses, notify course completion, generate assignment scores, indicate pass/fail, and generate course completion certificates.

At the same time, you can customize this LMS platform according to your website.

Sum Total

The enterprise software comes with built-in features to promote talent development. The enterprises can leverage the learning management system included in SumTotal to train, reskill, and upskill employees by launching various training programs.

In addition to boosting the learning experience, SumTotal keep learners engaged and motivated by supporting microlearning, gamified learning, and social learning.

The employees can further improve their knowledge and hone skills by accessing the LMS on computers and mobile devices. Every organization has the option to choose from several editions of SumTotal according to its employee learning and development (EL&D) needs and budget.

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