5 Reasons why small industries should implement L.M.S

Big companies these days are using L.M.S to train their employees. This has helped them to save huge costs related to employees training and testing. But small companies generally think that implementing L.M.S would not be as beneficial as they think due to fewer employees which do not justify the cost involved in its implementation. But I shall present 5 reasons why it is beneficial to implement L.M.S even in small industries.

1) Saving costs on employee training:

It’s an obvious reason that direct costs involved in employee training can be reduced. But that’s not the only benefit that they gain. There are many hidden opportunity costs that companies can save by digitizing the learning process. In small companies are generally existing employees of the company.  For instance, proper developed content can eliminate the need for on hand training hence eliminating the unnecessary downtime of machines.

2) Advanced tools to improve training experience:

Use of contents like 3-D animated videos and augmented virtual reality can increase the effectiveness of learning. Besides, different persons have different pace of learning. L.M.S provides trainees to learn at their own pace which increases the effectiveness of the training programme. Internal discussion forums allow employees to exchange knowledge which can be traced and included in the training content.

3) Better management of skills of the employees:

By using testing modules in L.M.S, managers can track the learning curves of employees. Generally, L.M.S can help managers to identify the strong and weak points of their employees and design the training content accordingly. L.M.S also simplifies generation of compliance report. As a result, small industries can make the most use of this concept.

4) Training of Customers and Suppliers:

Cloud based L.M.S can help companies to reduce the training costs of their suppliers and customers. Consequently, customers and Suppliers can simply access the training modules from the company’s L.M.S and undergo training.

5) Real time training:

L.M.S can be designed to allow employees to quickly access critical information in a time of need. Information can be uploaded on the servers of L.M.S which can be retrieved by employees using their mobile phones via a text message or a phone call. This is especially helpful for the workers operating on a critical machine or a salesperson meeting a client to close a deal. As a rule, small industries are mostly dependent on this.

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