7 Benefits of Incorporating mLearning in Your Corporate Training Program

We are pretty much usually surrounded by technologies such as smartphones, tablets, apps, high speed internet be it for our personal use or professional use. In a way we have already very smoothly shifted to a mobile learning environment. Hence, this article covers the 7 major benefits of mLearning to create an effective learning ecosystem.

1)   Flexibility – mobile learning is easy to access; so it integrates into a user’s learning routine with ease. As a result, the learner is able to adjust without any hassle resulting in an undisturbed learning cycle; so the learner can complete their course and retain the learnt knowledge.
2)   Pro-Collaborative Learning – mobile learning creates a social learning environment for learners to connect with their peers or mentors to discuss or seek guidance.mLearning, mobile Learning, nugget learning, self-paced learning, mobile devices
3)   Study Anytime – Due to the “mobile devices” involved in mobile learning, users can pick up their course study material from a previously paused point, take an assessment to refresh their knowledge, etc.
4)   Convenient – Relevant learning is accessed on the go via mobile devices from any location and time. Build interactive content and have it pushed on to the learner’s mobile devices; this gives them the boost to practice at their own pace and convenience; so this learner-driven approach helps in promoting acting learning.
mLearning, mobile learning, nugget learning, self-paced learning5)   Wider Reach – Remote workforce can access the same learning material with ease; which makes it easier for organizations to not spend hefty amounts on training instructor allocation and facility management.
6)   Cost-effective – The mLearning courses can be quickly constructed, leverage existing eLearning content, uploaded onto your learning platform and distributed to your users to their mobile devices.
7)   Effective Nugget Learning – Take a myriad training course and convert it into knowledge bullets; this way the user can easily retain crucial information and grasp the course material better. With this nugget learning; the learner can quickly collect the information before any important meeting, a task and help them out in fulfilling them.

As a result, with a mix of learners in organizations such as traditional learners, baby-boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y; there large amount of learners (especially Gen Y) lean towards tablets and smartphones for learning. Due to the changing learner demographics, they are seeking different formats to learn such as videos, bite-sized learning, or micro-learning on the go.  

Organizations should grab this opportunity to redesign existing courses to achieve multi-device flexibility. Naturally, you will only enable a better learning experience and provide the flexibility for users to access courses through multiples devices. Mobile Learning is the perfect fit for formal learning and Performance Support. Consequently, it can also be used effectively to induce a social learning environment. So then what are you waiting for?

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