Employee Training now gets Gamified

Employee training can attribute to a successful business. This can be connected to eLearning. E-learning has been adapted by a large no of industries and organizations and has been approved as a very effective system not only for learning, but for the purpose of assessment and feedback also. Hnece, it is time now to look forward to the future holds for the world of e-learning. In brief, Gamification is a major one of them. It has been followed in some industries and is said to bring life in online learning. Before moving with the benefits this has, let us peep into some Gamification statistics and facts.

                               Gamification strikes in different organizations

Gamification strikes in different organizations

  • The Gamification Market:

    The market growth of gamification is expected to reach the $1,707 billion in 2015 and the 5,500 billion in 2018.

  • Expected Corporate Demand:

    By the end of year 2017, gamification will be the primary mechanism that 40% of the Global 1000 organizations will employ to improve their business operations.

These are some of the considerable statistics of adoption of Gamifiy training in the global market. For instance, we can see the demand side of gamification along with its market size. But how is this perfect for the learners. Here, we need to see the benefits of this essential component:

  • Induces Active participation: 89% of those surveyed stated that this system would boost their engagement.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the Assessments
  • Keep learners engaged with their course for a longer time.
  • Increases the overall productivity of the whole system.
Considering all these primary benefits, Stratbeans has come up with a product called GAMIFLEXER, which also provides some additional benefits to the corporate world as well as the trainees.

It creates games to enhance assessment, for any job role. Also, at present, Gamiflexer is available in more than 20 templates and with multiple levels. Usually, multiple levels are created according to the scale trainees reach and increase the complexity of the game gradually with each level. Thus the fun part is retained and without making the whole learning process frustrating. Hence, employee training is much more easier.

Gamiflexer_ThumbThe primary benefits of this tool are :

  1. Highly engaging for the users
  2. Improves outcomes
  3. Provides Fun learning

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