Get to know where your company stands in the e-Learning industry

E-learning industry is one such domain where companies are emerging as well as established at a whole new level. This is widely due to the requirement of learning in corporate firms as well as educational institutions. Although educational institutions are utilizing LMS, the actual and dominant usage is by corporate firms. They are the ones who add value to the economy and they have to make sure learning and implementing works fine for them. it can be seen that learning is the first step and henceforth the reason for the e-learning industry’s rapid evolution.

One must ponder over through few important questions based on their business strategy to identify how different or better they are than their competitors. Answering these questions could help an organisation in knowing their performance and plan accordingly to improve their ranking in the market place. The questions include:

HOWs: measuring learning outcomes, measuring learner’s engagement, platform support in badges and micro-credentials.
WHATs: Mobile strategy being used, one’s core competency, ways of customization, ways of data and identity integration.

A good example of region wise growths is growth in Asia particularly due to India, this could be due to the literacy projects taken up by the governments. It clearly implies a requirement and demand for e-learning industry. This could be a chance to identify the problems facing in small villages and towns to develop a core competency. In a similar way recognizing the opportunities to improve the solutions to the above stated questions could help in improving market value of a company.

Why are we talking about Market value?

The Market share of a company in its industry as well as in all industries helps in drawing an idea about what is the current position in the industry. It is the key indicator of market competitiveness which is how well a firm is doing against its competitors. Research has also shown that market share is a desired asset among competing firms. When it comes to e-learning industry, having a cut-off for the viability of a company is difficult as many companies are contributing at the same pace. For instance if we consider the 2012 statistic there were around 500 LMS providers and only five companies were having a market share greater than 5 percent. This clearly implies though e-learning industry is 13 years old, companies across the world are identifying opportunities quarter by quarter and trying to secure new cases in the market under their umbrella.

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