Importance of e-learning as an enabler to classroom training

For all the organisations and educational institutions who are using classroom training to train their students or employees, there is something you must know about why e-learning platform enabled classroom training could be useful. Generally, advancement and efficiency are very important these days in businesses. Consequently, you can see the a small comparison based on the two factors which are important for organisations to contemplate.

Factor wise comparison
Factor    e-Learning Classroom training
Efficiency There is no generalisation that can be made with respect to this factor as e-learning companies are changing the way to improve learning. In-depth customisation is being done to give the user better experiences. It’s been very common and proved perception since ages that it is more efficient compared to Online learning because this is interactive one-on-one & peers
Expense Cost efficient on our platform compared to Classroom learning
Commute can be avoided
Extra charges for commuting & study material

Things you need to know about the combination of the above two

In short, among the most common types of learning-Synchronous, Asynchronous, Blended – the ultimate type would be blended learning. This helps the end user to experience both digital and face-to-face support in order to develop professionally. It has been the driver to many educational institutions. Naturally, itis used to compensate the classroom space and facilitate faculty to be ready for both modes of teaching. Faculty also could improve the content by receiving feedback from different batches. In this case, this is because  intermediate costs are low in improving the digital content compared to changing the entire material in the offline training. Naturally, E-learning enabled classroom training is the most cost effective way to move forward.

On the same note, students are also not completely from minimal social interactions when it is compared with asynchronous training. Generally, someone who is a slow performer has an option to personally refer to the digital access 24X7 that has been given. This way every student can perform at a decent level and compete on par with their peers.

“Let’s form proactive synergy by restructuring teams to ensure better learning”

In conclusion, I hope you got an idea on why e-learning could enable classroom training. Consequently, it could make decisions for your organisation to help your learners experience and deliver in an ample amount of time. Furthermore, please share this article and comment your insights.

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