Retaining and flourishing high performers with connected learning

Employee engagement and retention is a concern for most organizations. It is certain that Self-starters and high performers might leave an organization. This is since they feel that they can’t or aren’t able to develop them. Consequently, knowledge retention is most effective when it is related to e-Learning.

Fortunately for the Learning and Development leader, this is a two-way street. The same methodologies and technologies that work to retain people will also help develop your workforce. They are encouraged to produce the engaged, informed, and self-starters and high performers. This can grow with your organization. Check these three things that must be  kept in mind to make sure your employees become high performers:


Easy to access Training

We’re all used to seeking out training and continually developing skills as we need to. Making training easily available and convenient to consume helps your workforce. The solutions are vested in making sure that they can reach the tools they need when needed.  Maintaining a library of relevant training on a variety of relevant topics ensures that your workforce has the time to access it. It also shows that you’re serious about keeping and growing your talent.

Best Practices for Learning Content and Hosting

With third-party vendors creating libraries of literally thousands of courses, there is no shortage of options to flesh out your learning offerings. However, to effectively engage your high performers, you want to offer learning that is relevant—both for the jobs that they’re doing now and the positions that you want to offer them in the future.  

Canned content and soft-skill courses make sense for many companies, but don’t neglect to seek out or develop training that is specific to your organization. LMS Tools occupied with the above mentioned courses could help you achieve the target of shaping up a high performer. A curated catalog that reflects real needs shows that you put some thought into your offerings.

To really tailor the learning experience, requirement of technologies which are advanced with respect to infrastructure and besides induced with user-friendly UI is mandatory. Diverse variety of upload examples of stellar work that others can learn from, or create quick videos could share the wisdom of already existing top performers.


Workers are looking to connect with their peers and with their mentors.  A holistic learning strategy harnesses the power of connection and promotes peer-to-peer learning. Let your workers share their knowledge via discussions, videos, samples, job aids, and impromptu meetings and watch them learn from each other and develop ties with one another. This raises their intellect while training to perform well while assessment And bonus for you, you’ll be able to learn more about what your people know and you’ll see some stars emerge.

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