Technological Innovations in learning domain impacts your return on investment – See how

LMS has been the one of the significant innovations facilitating learnings to vest in for organisations,to improve their operational efficiency and subsequently the ROI.

How does that affect your ROI?

To make it simpler to understand one could recall the saying – “Employees are the greatest asset for organisations”. What you do to prosper your employees matters for your organisation’s growth. Therefore, one must choose the right learning practices to ensure growth of their employees. Naturally, when it comes to ROI, the performance of employees depends on how their learning outcomes are affecting the real business issues they are facing in their job role.

One such innovations is ATUM-LMS deployed into the e-learning domain.


What is ATUM-LMS?

ATUM-Learning Management System is used by corporates and educational institutions to manage the entire learning & training process. It has advanced e-Learning/Simulation/Gamified learning launch and tracking capability.

Consequently, with ATUM-LMS mobile and online learning become viable for large and medium sized corporates and it saves tremendous cost in following ways:

1- Facility cost for holding class room trainings goes down

2- The travel and boarding cost of trainees and trainers is not needed

3- The cost of Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) drawn from productive work to perform training impacts the operations, which gets obviated in case of online training

Atum LMS is SCORM compliant which ensures compatibility with the content digitised by third party tools.

The key users of LMS are among following:
    1. L & D personnel such as trainers and training managers
    1. Subject matter experts who wish to share their knowledge
    1. Sales heads, who need the frontline sales teams to be equipped with the knowledge of features and benefits of the organisation’s product and service
  1. Training managers who need to bring order and efficiency in the classroom training data
Features within ATUM-LMS for you
    • ATUM-LMS is a modular software – can add or drop features as per your need
    • Training management system within, helps you schedule and assign courses
    • Multi-lingual dashboard compatibility
    • Artificial intelligence based quizzing competency
    • Content uploading and Rapid-authoring possibility
  • Leaderboards visibility helps to know top performers
How it helps ‘Learning and Development’ function?

ATUM-LMS accountability and effectiveness of learning and development functions by tracking and automating content delivery on mobile devices and normal computers. For instance, it will easily identify best performers in the organization helping the managers to retain them and develop them to promote them in the hierarchy. Particularly, it captures and replicates best performance across various departments. As a result, gamified learning content is where ATUM-LMS has an edge over basic authoring tools.

Nowadays gamified learning helps an end user to get the most out of in less time which is of priority at workplaces. It also makes a user engaged while learning which again is a driving factor to complete large number of course modules in a minimum span of time.

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