Creating Awesome Quizzing Experience for Users

Test Paper / Quizzes why art thou so cruel !

Ever wanted to create an awesome quizzing experience? Try to remember some of the tests that you would have written as part of your school, colleges, competitive exams. If you look closely, really closely with bias or assumption, you may notice a pattern. It is just that most of these tests have been mostly draconian and mildly evil and primitive.

The reason you need to look really close is that we have quite accepted that pattern subconsciously.Also absence of any contrasting structure, reduces chances to recognize what awesomeness are possible.

Just in case you cant relate much with the above statement, stay with me and read the following observations

Observation #1 : Test papers are too Serious and Grim

When you look at a test paper, all of them start with serious instructions. It details about the structure of the paper (Which lets say is fine). Then it may tell you about negative marking. The its followed by blocks of multiple choice questions (which have structurally remained the same for past 100 of years)

Some Possible Awesomeness …

– How would it be, if these tests had a soothing looking and feel and wording, which would put an already worried test taker into a more relaxing zone of performance.
– How about the instructions were encouraging and the test questions are trying to help you than “judging” you.

Observation #2 : Test papers are NOT inclusiveness

Test papers are not inclusive by its very nature. Its designed to map test taker to one dimensional number. Finally creating a set of performers who are in top-10 or top-100 . However, note that most of the people are NOT in the “top-10” or “top-100” category, constitutes a majority and there should be more than one dimensional mapping of person to score.

Some Possible Awesomeness …
– How about if the test paper looks at other characteristics other than score, like say your time performance, the fact you given a clue you are able to crack the paper more. Well, it also gives you recognition for things like doing a hat trick of correct answers.

Top-10 is not bad, just that by recognizing for other skills that test taker may have exhibited makes him feel included, rewarded and recognized.

Observation #3 : Test papers have NIL to very low engagement

Test papers are not supposed to engage with you. They are like sliding panel of judges. You combat with them and they judge you.

Some Possible Awesomeness …

– How about you have questions other than those MCQs and True / False, which are more interesting and engaging
– How about if test paper would lower its level to match your skill and to see if you are able to perform on a certain course of assessment.

Injecting Awesomeness One Step at a time – ATUM Barium Assessments & Quizzes


Our group has declared war against all those boring and draconian quizzes, however we are treading cautiously one step at a time in converting quizzing into a pleasurable experience.

Our quizzing software platform, is the weapon with which we are addressing the above pain points.

#1 : Test interface which is “happy” and “soothing”

#2 : Test results which celebrates score based performers but also recognizes its recent takers

Will keep you posted on what more we are doing here.

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