Getting bored and wanna play games? You can easily get a host of options to choose from on your mobile.

Commuting to work and couldn’t find time to read the morning newspaper? Catch all the latest news on the mobile phone which it serves you on a digital platter!

Have some bank transactions to make but don’t have the time to actually visit the bank – you are just a few clicks away from that otherwise cumbersome task.


In a nutshell, the idea being insinuated at is also the one that you have rightly inferred by now. Mobile phones have invaded nearly every existing realm of our everyday lives. Their utility spans across the entire spectrum of our requirements. Right from something as trivial as killing time when bored, to something as prime as making secure bank transactions. Mobiles are being employed at every other juncture.

In this light, the invasion of mobiles in the e-learning sphere is no longer imminent, but has already transpired and is here to stay and evolve. Mobile learning is rapidly emerging as the best bet available in terms of platforms existing in the e-learning sphere. It can also take the shape of an LMS and assist the learners to perform even better.

Mobile learning offers manifold advantages as compared to its contemporary traditional alternatives.


The advantages of mobile learning are aplenty and have been enlisted and discussed point wise.

  • Content in Micro-Chunks:

    Mobile learning amalgamated with microlearning is undoubtedly the best concoction, which if deployed to completion can revolutionize the e-learning cosmos. Its preliminary praxis in the L&D industry can restructure, refine and redefine the contemporary digital training pedagogy.

    With training happening in compact, well-aligned snippets – the training process becomes well structured, better trackable and interesting, all at the same time.Also, it enables the learner/employee to have hands-on in-service training on the knowledge gained before it gets lost in the process of going through that entire never-ending course material.

  • Ease of Access:

Mobile phones clearly have a ubiquitous presence – and have permeated even the remotest parts of the globe. With almost every employee possessing a mobile, employers can leverage that availability for a double-ended advantage benefiting both them and the employees.

Uploading, assigning and accessing the assigned content can all be managed through the Cloud platform.

With the availability of Cloud we obtain a two-fold advantage:

  • Enormous Storage Space:

Storage space can never be an impediment in terms of storing content data for both the giving and receiving end users as cloud storage provides you an enormous space to be availed.

  • Versatile accessibility across all supported devices:

Accessing content becomes inordinately versatile in the sense that the content can be accessed on any mobile phone provided it falls under the software frameworks that support the content.

The familiarity with functioning on mobiles and the comprehensive interface makes the accessibility even simpler.


  • Learn while on the move:

    Going by the literal interpretation of mobile learning, we can draw the inference that it is a learning that can be achieved on the move because it is available while on the move.

    Employees can train themselves when free or even while traveling, where they just have to log in to attempt a bite-sized course module and test themselves on the same. Thus training becomes easier, faster, convenient and more interesting.The trainee can train himself/herself in his/her spare time and apply the earned knowledge capital when at the workplace. The training content can be easily assimilated and applied if provided and received in that fashion.Also, the maintenance of uniformity with respect to the entire course structure available to all trainees is ensured – courtesy – the uniformly doled out training content.

  • Engaging interfaces and smart reports for performance tracking:

    Assessments can be created in an engaging interface. Gamified assessment engines are employed to achieve that. This renders the assessment modules more interesting and gives it a touch of interactivity.Another advantageous feature to be exploited is the smart performance tracker functionality.

    Employing this feature allows generation of performance reports and the training system itself can discern the weak zones of the trainee wherein he/she needs further improvement. Thus it generates target zones with a scope of improvement by mapping their performance with specific and apposite competencies.


    Training can thus be assigned and managed based on such reports thereby enabling and assuring efficiency and optimal growth with minimal efforts.Thus mobile learning has ushered in a metamorphosis in the bedrock of Learning & Development.We, Stratbeans, are the providers of such mobile learning tools apart from a wide range of e-learning solutions.

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